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What Kind of Events We Do..

Book a super fun cooking class for your friends and family with us. We absolutely love celebrating each one of you and your special days/moments. From a fun filled and hands on cooking class wearing customized azprons and chef hats (for all those selfies) to playing your favorite music in the background, to getting customized recipe notebooks or chopping boards - we have got your covered! We want to make this as memorable as possible for each one of you.

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Private Customised Birthday Parties

A super fun customised birthday party for all ages! Choose your themes and create themed foods, cakes, fresh pasta and so much more! Have a mini cook off or competition with your friends and celebrate together. 

**Prices vary depending on number of people, menu and customisation.

Corporate Cooking Classes & Team Building

A super fun customised team building offsite at the Mamalu Kitchen Cooking Studio. Where you and your colleagues will compete in teams over the best dishes and the winning team will receive prizes. 

**Prices vary depending on number of people, menu and customisation.

Private Nanny Class

Send your fantabulous helper over to Mamalu Kitchen and let us help you by teaching them everything they need to know! From pantry setting, to fridge cleaning, to setting up for dinner parties and cooking healthy favourites for the kids.


**Prices vary depending on number of people, menu, and customisation.

Back To Basics 

If you are looking to learn, refresh or improve you knowledge and skill set this is the perfect series of sessions to customise and join.

From basics like knife skills and chopping to plating up your dishes - we have you covered.


**Prices vary depending on number of people, menu, customisation.

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Kitchen Hire

If you are a chef, new restaurant owner wanting to train your staff or develop your recipe, we have all the facilities in one location. If you would like to shoot recipes or give your own session - you can do that too!

We have done quite a few rentals with companies such as Transmed, Washington Apples, Sophexa, French Cheese, Ministry of Japan and more..

Elevate your experience with custom branded banners, stickers, recipe books, aprons, videographers and more!


**Prices vary depending on number of people, menu, customisation, half day or full day rentals.

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