Brand Ambassadorship


We work with brands that have the same values and vision as ours. We believe in collaborating to communicate a bigger message of creating health awareness and easy cooking in the region.  

It does not need to be fussy or harmful to be tasty. 



Mamalu Kitchen - Logitech

Mamalu Kitchen - Grohe Water Filter


Mamalu Kitchen - healthy and delicious tips & tricks with Lurpak 

Healthy meals

Healthy meals your kids will like

Mamalu Kitchen - healthy tips & tricks with Maggi  


Countless Benefits

Mamalu Kitchen - healthy tips & tricks with Maggi  

Startup Sunday

Healthy eating

Bringing healthy eating to Dubai, Lama Jammal joins Will Hutson.

Yummy Snack

Healthy Yummy Snack Ideas- Lunchbox Demo

Are your children fussy eaters and avoid eating anything healthy?