Here's How To Deal With Fussy Eaters

1. BE REALISTIC - Don't offer your children a quinoa and carrot power bowl and expect them to dive in. Add new or healthy ingredients to a dish that you know they will enjoy. For example, mash some peas in with their favorite fish cake recipe. Also, add a little cheese to vegetable dishes - it goes a long way.

2. COOK TOGETHER - Kids love cooking and spending time with their parents. Get them involved in making their own dinner. Make it fun by including cute aprons, stools to step on and invest in some gadgets like a garlic crusher or lemon squeezer that they will enjoy using. Include the children in the process by informing them about ingredients and spices to make them excited about the dish.

3. ESTABLISH ROUTINES - Ensure that snack times are well in advance of meal times. It will be much easier to get kids to try new foods if they are actually hungry!

4. GIVE CHOICES - Ask them what they want for breakfast the next morning while you're putting them to bed. Also, ask what they would fancy in their lunch box at school. Listen and meet them in the middle (baked potato wedges instead of a French-fries request) And be sure to ask them how their lunch was after school or nursery.

5. TAKE CUES FROM YOUR LITTLE ONES - Your child will let you know when he/she is full. Even if it’s after only four bites. They will not starve but they could however develop a negative relationship with food if they are force-fed.